Thursday, January 1, 2015

"BioPreta™" Worm Poop and Charcoal

"BioPreta™" derives its name from the BIOlogical microorganisms in vermicompost and the carbon found in the "Terra PRETA del Indios" soils of Amazonia.

VermiCompost is the product of using the digestive system of worms to multiply the living microorganisms in organic material. Worm castings are the excrement of worms. Worm castings have 8 - 20 times the amount of living microorganisms as ordinary compost. Microbes are living creatures that provide an immediate benefit to plants. VermiCompost needs to be renewed regularly.

Biochar is a form of horticultural charcoal. Biochar contains an amazing surface area of tiny microscopic Carbon pores that become the homes for microbes that convert organic nutrients into the materials immediately available to plants. Applied alone, in depleted soils, it will draw those nutrients from the plants themselves, at first.
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By combining the two benefits of short-term vermicompost, that will only last for four or five years, with the permanence of biochar, that will last for CENTURIES, you will be restoring the soil to the conditions of fertility you need to produce strong healthy plants for a very long time.

"BioPreta™" is blended from bulk sources of products of the highest consistent quality from large producers in the Midwest. Click on the pages above to get details regarding each of these separate ingredients.

AbonoChar LLC is registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development as a Soil Conditioner Manufacturer.The page"Verified VermiCompost Benefits" lists the benefits approved and verified by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO).

"BioPreta™" can be used as a liquid organic plant food by adding one cup to five gallons of water. One 20 cup bag of organic "BioPreta™"  will make 23 1/2 gallons of rich organic compost tea concentrate and ....about 100 gallons of 4:1 dilution for monthly plant feeding!

Our first product was the "BioPreta Vermicompost TeaPot™"

  and the next larger sizes are a 25-cup bag and a 40-cup Bulk Sack, that will ship easily and offer a bulk savings. Check out our newest product pages at

 "BioPreta™" can be used as a dry starter medium for seeds, seedlings, cuttings and clones by mixing one cup with a cubic foot of potting mix.

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An extra benefit is that when you bury carbon in the soil you are "sequestering" a "greenhouse gas" and according to some experts you may even be reversing the human damage to our atmosphere and "saving Planet Earth".