The BioPreta VermiCompost TeaPot

Instructions for Making BioPreta™ VermiCompost Tea

Disclaimer: The name "tea" is unfortunate, but has become common. We fear that drinking this brew may cause leaves to grow on your limbs (just kidding!)

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The “BioPreta VermiCompost TeaPot™” is a convenient 20-cup plastic pail for you to use for brewing vermicompost tea for your house plants. It comes with a 20-cup bag of “BioPreta™” blend of more or less half-and-half vermicompost (worm poop) and biochar (charcoal). At the same time you are brewing your compost tea you are inoculating your biochar with a vast array of beneficial microorganisms that increase over time.

These instructions will help you to "brew and dilute" about 100 gallons of liquid organic bi-weekly plant food from your first TeaPot!

• Put about a cup of “BioPreta™” in your “BioPreta VermiCompost TeaPot™”, and add water nearly to the top. (If you are going to make a spray solution, dangle the “BioPreta™” inside an old nylon stocking.)

• Hook up your aquarium bubbler if you have one. Microorganisms need lots of air to thrive.Our favorite way to add air is to pour the contents back and forth between two pails.or ...  Stir your brew... (Jiggle the sock). The very best way is to put an air stone aquarium bubbler in the pail for a week. This produces actively aerated compost tea of the best quality.

• Grow your first "batch" of microorganisms. This takes a few days. While you are brewing, read "Teaming With Microbes" by Lowenfel and Lewis; FREE ONLINE!

• Pour the liquid concentrated tea out of your TeaPot into a 5-gallon pail. Your first one-cup "batch" of concentrate makes 5 gallons of biweekly liquid organic plant food at a dilution of 4:1!

• Add your favorite organic ingredients (bat guano, black-strap molasses, fish emulsion, kelp, etc)

• Start another batch with another cup of fresh dry “BioPreta™”. Refill your “BioPreta Compost TeaPot™” with water, again, and stir.
 You can do this about 20 times!

•  (You may want to filter the sediment out with some cloth. This will catch most of the inoculated biochar to add around your plants.) After 20 "batches", your 20-cups of dry “BioPreta™” will make about 95 quarts or 23 1/2 gallons of concentrated tea, = 100 gallons of 4:1 liquid organic plant food, and about 10 cups of inoculated biochar.

(A dilution of one quart of concentrate for every gallon of water is called a 4:1 dilution for a bi-weekly feeding solution.
There are 20 quarts in 5 gallons.)

• You can set the sediment aside and keep adding to it. When it is time to add your inoculated biochar to your soil, stir it and work it into the soil around your plants at the root level or in your seed rows with your seeds. Be careful of the roots.

• When you have made your first 20 batches of “BioPreta VermiCompost Tea™”. you can reuse your “BioPreta VermiCompost TeaPot™” to make more. You can buy more “BioPreta™” in larger sizes if you want to. Your used "teapot" also makes a great place to collect your household organic waste. The screw-top lid protects the contents from curious kids and pets, and eliminates odors.

• Ask for more “BioPreta™” at your local high-quality, special lawn and garden centers, hydroponic supply stores, flower shops, etc. or at "Contact Us"
We offer replenishment bags of “BioPreta™”  on eBay, Amazon, Etsy,etc. Search-word "BioPreta".

• Enjoy the benefits for a lifetime!
  •  Recent research at Michigan State University with grape vines has revealed that a complete foliar spray of leaves every three days prevents an invasion of spotted, dusty, and white mildew.

Thanks for helping us to remove Carbon from the atmosphere of Planet Earth.

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