One Cup Assortment

     We have developed convenient packaging for you!
Since a single cup of BioPreta combined with a cubic foot of potting mix has done so well at starting and growing plants, we have packaged single-cup portions and offer them in convenient multiple packages.
You can order the 4-pack or 6-pack from our website. Single packages of one cup are too expensive to ship.
We are offering the packages to our dealers (see "Dealer List" page.)
If your indoor gardening supply store, lawn and garden outlet, or grow-shop doesn't have these products on their shelves, ask them to order a 12-pack to get started. That will save you the cost of shipping and will get them started on our dealer program.

Suggested Retail Pricing:

One-Cup .......... $ 5.00
4 - Pack ............$15.00
6 - Pack ........... $20.00

12- Pack .......... $40.00

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