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About us:

AbonoChar LLC is registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) as a "Soil Conditioner Manufacturer".

If you are a newcomer to biochar or vermicompost, we encourage you to click on the links directing you to the extensive research that has been done in these areas by Cornell University and North Carolina State University, and other sources as an introduction to these ingredients.

Abonochar LLC introduced "BioPreta™" in mid-April 2012, in containers (first, in nice 20-cup. pails) for presentation online, and then in specialty retail stores such as lawn and garden outlets, hydroponic supply stores, etc. The 20-cup reusable plastic pail is called a "BioPreta VermiCompost TeaPot™".

Instructions related to brewing vermicompost tea in the "BioPreta VermiCompost TeaPot™" are inside of the pail.

The empty 20-cup plastic bag of BioPreta™" may be replaced by purchasing a quantity of "BioPreta™" in a larger 25-cup bag, or a 40-cup Bulk Sack, which can be shipped in a box. The pails and box contain a plastic bag(s) of dry "BioPreta™" and a brochure telling a more detailed description of the product, as seen on the pages of this blog. Growers are using a cup of "BioPreta™" with a cubic foot of potting mix for starting seeds, rooting clones, and to fill pots of growing plants and are getting remarkable results.

Retailers who are familiar with compost tea will recognize the opportunity to begin with a base of "BioPreta™" liquid organic plant food solution and recommend additional nutrient combinations, equipment and supplies.

The liquid organic plant food is used for watering plants. The remaining residue, which has now become a richly inoculated biochar, is incorporated into the garden soil.

The ramping up of marketing is directed toward wholesale distribution companies with solid reputations in this field. If you are a wholesale distributor to lawn and garden retail centers, hydroponic supply stores, or related specialty outlets like nurseries, greenhouses, etc .... please put "Distribution" in the "Subject" area of an email directed to:

If you want to purchase a retail quantity from a retail store near you and want to know where you can buy it, please put "Retail" in the "Subject" area of an email to:

New and additional sources are being considered as ramping up and demand require. If you are a producer of high quality (preferably USDA certified organic) biochar, worm castings or vermicompost, and would like to discuss supplying us with your product, please put "Sources" in the "Subject" area of an email directed to:

If you just want to add a few words of encouragement or helpful criticism, or anything else, please put "Pura Vida" in the "Subject" area.

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 ( a new company established to blend a mixture of vermicompost and biochar into a product called "BioPreta™", ... "Worm Poop and Charcoal")